I Know It Was the Blood: A Story Overcoming!

After divorce, barrenness, rape, and domestic violence, I found my happy place in helping other women find theirs!

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Mid-Day Meditation

30-Daily Afternoon Devotionals

There is nothing wrong with refueling during the day! Mid-Day helps you pause and take a few minutes to refuel, refocus, and continue in a spiritually filling and naturally productive day! Any day is a good day for Mid-Day Meditation!

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New e-Book


30-Daily Devotionals to Start Your Day!

I believe how you begin your day dictates the whole of your day. Why not start your day in the Word. Begin your day by making a declaration over your day! Morning helps you get your day started the right way!

Pre-Sale Available January 2022
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New e-Book

An Evening Word

30-Daily Evening Devotionals

Let me set the mood for you; it's been a busy yet productive day, and you're just now winding down and reflecting on your accomplishments. As you release the day, take this time to close your day with a fresh Word of gratitude and thanksgiving for the day to come! An Evening Word is JUST for you!

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New e-Book

Faith Beyond What

I Could See

Growing up, I was told, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It's one thing to hear it, but it's something altogether different when you have to live it!

Pre-Sale Available January 2022
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