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I Know It Was the Blood: A Story Overcoming!

What the enemy meant for bad, God turned it all around for His God and His Glory! How I found my happy place in helping other women find theirs after divorce, barrenness, rape, domestic violence, and more!

New Book Coming Soon!

Over the years, I've had the honor of speaking at quite a few engagements, and I realize the number one question people ask me after speaking is "how?"

They want to know how did I navigate through my challenges and struggles? How did I persevere in stressful circumstances and situations? They want to know "how" I triumphed over self-sabotage, setbacks, and the pain of my past?

In today's world, people need specifics because they need hope! My answer shocked many, if not most of them, and it might surprise you, too. My answer is in one word, "perspective." Having the "right perspective" is a destiny-changer! But having the "right perspective" begins with having the truth!

In my new book, "Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny," I share how the truth and the right perspective provided the grace I needed to triumph over my painful past experiences and the trauma associated with them and live in my God-given promise, and so can you!

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Selection of CD's Available Soon

Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny. Moving Beyond the Fear. The Purpose, the Plan, the Plot. No Apologies.