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I Know It Was the Blood: A Story Overcoming!

What the enemy meant for bad, God turned it all around for His God and His Glory! How I found my happy place in helping other women find theirs after divorce, barrenness, rape, domestic violence, and more!


Who would ever think torn furniture, the surprising running start jumps towards anything tall in height, and the periodic loud meows would become the things Kitty did to steal our hearts, but they were! Meet Kitty, mama's honey, the kitten who stole our hearts! She's sure to steal your heart, too!

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Finding Her Voice

Oh, how much fun this journey with 15-year-old Joy Jones will be. Follow Joy and her best friend Kelley, explore Joy's love for music, singing, songwriting, and how they handle Joy's parents, who may have something to say about Joy's chosen career path. How will Joy handle her dream and her parent's wishes? Find out more in Finding Her Voice, the children's book.

A Barren Womb
is not
A Broken Woman

It's what every little girl dreams about, being a mother while playing with her baby doll. The white house with the picket fence and the princess-like wedding, and gown, were my dreams as a little girl. But, sadly, that was not my fairy-tale come true. After years of watching and being in the room of many family members and girlfriends while they gave birth and my own failed attempts at becoming a mother, I felt like a failure, cursed by God because my womb was barren. But, then, the Bible verse, Isaiah 54:1, gave me a new perspective and turned my barren womb and broken heart into the beauty God gave me for ashes! So, I am excited to share my journey with you in my new book, "A Barren Womb Is Not A Broken Woman."

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Faith Beyond What
I Could See

Growing up, I was told, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It's one thing to hear these words, but it's something altogether different when you have to live the words! In this e-book, I share some moments of my faith journey; what those moments required, how I now live a life of faith, and how you can, too!


30-Daily Devotionals to Start Your Day!

I believe how you begin your day dictates the whole of your day. So why not start your day in the Word of God. Then, start your day by making a declaration over your day! Morning helps you get your day started the right way, with God!

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Mid-Day Meditation
30-Daily Afternoon Devotionals

There is nothing wrong with refueling during the day! Mid-Day helps you pause and take a few minutes to allow God to refuel, refocus you so that you can continue on a spiritually filling and naturally productive day! Any day is a good day for Mid-Day Meditation!

An Evening Word
30-Daily Evening Devotionals

The day has ended, and you've taken care of everything on your to-do list. Now, it's time to let the day go and unwind. An evening word is just what you need. Filled with beautiful reminders of God's unfailing love and faithful promises, you can relax your mind and settle your spirit in God's love and the sweet peace of Jesus!

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Selection of CD's Available Soon

Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny. Moving Beyond the Fear. The Purpose, the Plan, the Plot. No Apologies.