Ceola J. the Encourger!

Encourage. Educate. Empower.


"Your past does not destroy your destiny!" A message Ceola shares every opportunity she has to speak. Having seen and experienced pain and trauma most of her childhood, Ceola found her purpose in supporting women and children. Ceola utilizes the victory she saw through overcoming her painful life experiences to help, encourage and motivate women. In doing so, Ceola believes she is empowering the children, who are our future, allowing them to see, believe in, and live their life's purpose!

A three-time survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of those she trusted, surviving homelessness with her mother and siblings as a child, domestic violence, barrenness, suicidal thoughts, and more, she learned first-hand what it means to overcome!


Today, Ceola is proof there is life after trauma and supports women and children through her nonprofit, Dream2b. Ceola advocates against violence toward women, and is passionate about empowering women! Ceola J. encourages and inspires women to seek and reach their God-given purpose and live their best lives now! Ceola’s mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ that transformed and gave her life meaning with everyone she has the pleasure of meeting.



Ceola is the founder and visionary of Sisters Celebrating Each Other, Inc. and serves as the Executive Director for the nonprofit organization. Ceola is revamping her nonprofit organization, Sisters Celebrating Each Other, Inc., and its programs and looks forward to its relaunch in the summer of 2022. She is also the founder of CJ Productions, LLC, CJ Network TV, and Ceola J., LLC.



Ceola is the author of the book I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming, republished by Trilogy Christian Publishing, a TBN subsidiary in January 2020. Ceola J. is also working on four new e-books, along with four new CD series, No Apologies, Moving Beyond the Fear, The Purpose, the Plan, the Process, the Plot, and Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny. Learn more here. Many know Ceola as a powerful speaker who transparently tells it like it is. She speaks at women’s conferences, summits, churches, and other events promoting and supporting women through encouragement, education, and empowerment. More about Ceola's speaking here.



Ceola has written and produced five-stage plays under her production company, CJ Productions, LLC. To learn more, click here



Ceola loves to write, sing, travel, learn, and, most importantly, spend quiet time with God. She is married to music composer and artist, Dre Griffin.

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