Ceola is blessed to offer what she learned by way of life experiences and education to many women from all walks of life I recall the day sitting at my kitchen table over 11-years ago when I had an epiphany that forever changed my life. Since that day, I have bee determined to live my life "intentionally, on purpose" the way God intended me to.

I want each client I have the opportunity to coach, to wake-up each morning with a sense of purpose and the joy of living lives of intention, fully engaged, and enjoying every moment! I want their professional desires to be meaningful to them and positively impactful to others. When what you do daily comes from a perfectly aligned point in your life's purpose, there is nothing more fulfilling. The beginning of achieving intentional and purposed living begins with YOU BELIEVING YOU WERE CREATED WITH A PURPOSED LIFE AND THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!

'While life has its challenges, I believe it is our perspective and our response to those challenges that determine our growth, accomplishments, and life successes. It is my honor to help you bring your dreams to fruition, living a life of intention, purpose, and success! 


Individuals & Small Groups:

Ceola offers a 9-week Refocus, Reboot and Restore Me session. These sessions are twice weekly for 1-hour, with the last session, being a two-hour session. The Refocus, Reboot, and Restore Me sessions will detox the mind and refocus the thought process to establish a clear perspective, effective prioritizing of goals, higher efficiency, and goal achievement. The sessions are via a conference call or in-person.

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