"I didn't let Rape, Domestic Violence, Molestation, Barrenness, Infidelity, Death, Academic Shortcomings or Divorce hold me back...


... Let me encourage you... nothing can hold you back either!



Ceola J.

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Meet Ceola J.

Ceola J. is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to seek and reach their God-given purpose and live their best lives now! Ceola’s painful past has become the purpose that drives her! She speaks publicly at venues supporting women and children, sharing her story of overcoming. Ceola is a creative writer and writes, produces, and directs stage play productions, screenplays, and more, using her writing as a tool to encourage, inspire and empower! In addition to her creative writing, Ceola supports women and children through her nonprofit, production company, and as a certified life coach. Ceola aspires to transform the lives of every person she comes in contact with by sharing the love that changed her life!.

Are You A Come Back Champion?

It's not easy to bounce back from challenges you encounter in life. We need champions in our corners to help us, inspire us, remind us, and encourage us. No one person is an island; we all need a champion!

I've had and still have champions in my life to help me and encourage me, and I want to help and encourage you. Join me, and a host of amazing people at the "Come Back Champion Summit," who are going to help you "comeback" better, stronger, and more resilient. Listen, Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny.


-Ceola J.

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New E-books Coming Soon!

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