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Ceola J.

Ceola J. is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to seek and reach their God-given purpose and to live their best lives now! Having seen the struggle first hand in her young mother, and the devastation of her mother's death at the age of 33, Ceola knew from a child what she wanted to do. Ceola found her purpose in helping, encouraging and motivating women; utilizing the victory she found through her Savior Jesus Christ in overcoming her own painful life experiences.


Living in her God-given purpose, Ceola continues to encourage and support women from all walks of life.

"Public acknowledgement and the purity of appreciation has a way of finding you, especially when you're not looking for it!"

- Ceola J.

"Congratulations again on your nomination for a 2020 Inspire Award! During your life you have offered a colleague, friend, or child guidance and a listening ear, and your mentoring made a difference."

-Manager, Inspire Awards

I have never desired to  be nominated for anything. The work I've done and continue to do to support women and children has been a quiet work. That is until someone I recently started working with said "I would like to nominate you for an "Inspire Award." When I shared this with friends of mine, they said "Absolutely, we'd be honored to write a letter on your behalf." They wrote the most beautiful nomination letter. When I received a copy of the letter I sat and starred at it thinking to myself, "Who are they writing about?"  I was so busy working and forgot about the nomination/submission until received a letter congratulating me on my nomination. It still hadn't registered yet that I had been nominated. However, when I received the letter that begin with the above statement, it finally hit me, and I realized that I had REALLY been nominated for an award. An award honoring me for doing what I LOVE to do, which is helping women and children. That same person who initially nominated me, said they wanted to nominate me  another for another award. I mentioned this to a young lady I've had the honor of encouraging since she was 17-years old, over twenty-years ago and she excitedly said "I would be honored to write a letter on your behalf."


Why am I sharing this on my website? To encourage someone today... the work we do from the purest place of our hearts need not be done to be acknowledged, but to know we've impacted someone's life along the way. While I am appreciative at the suggestions, the excitement in which beautiful letters are written on my behalf, I am humbled and most happiest knowing what I have the honor of doing is having such positive and life-transforming impact in the lives of so many others!  Do what you can to benefit others and do so with the motive of seeing a smile on someone's face, a heart lifted from a heavy burden, or someone's life changed, simply because you cared! Public acknowledgement and the purity of appreciation has a way of finding you, especially when you're not looking for it!

-Ceola J.

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Happy Walls: A Family Affair

New stage play hitting theaters in June 2020! Mother Mabel and the Walls

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Happy Walls: A Family Affair

People are still talking about the stage play production "If These Walls Could Talk 1 & 2. And, they faithful followers are looking forward to hearing what's happened in the Walls Family! Find out in June 2020!

Your Past Does Not Destroy Your


READY TO LIVE FREE! You are NOT your past decisions, choices or mistakes! If any man be in Christ He is a A NEW creature; old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new!