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Fitness Trainer, I certainly didn't see this one coming! Although I've always tried to eat healthy and exercise regularly, especially since having back surgery some years ago. However, at 52-years young, I've decided I would like to do my best in ensuring my overall health. Part of doing this is being knowledgeable about what I eat, necessary and proper exercise to help with mobility and flexibility and an understanding of my body as I age. In addition, I decided that over-all health and well-being goes hand-in-hand with my coaching practice and with my desire to encourage, educate and empower women.


Welcome to "C-Fitness", where I will CHALLENGE you to COMMIT to CHANGING unhealthy habits & practices and becoming a CHAMPION in your own health & wellness success and being a CATALYST for others to CONSIDER their own health and well-being. Once I graduate, I would like to invite you to reach out and allow me to share the knowledge gained to aid you in  living healthier!

Stay tuned... I am looking forward to celebrating my Fitness Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist Certifications with you real soon.

Ceola J. - Workout Time!