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Malinda Danielle Ellis

Certified Life Coach

For almost three decades, Ceola has been encouraging me and inspiring me with her wisdom, advice and teachings. Most importantly, she has been consistent in doing so all three decades and with unconditional love and positive motivation. I can be away from her for a day, months or years, but if I need her, I won't hesitate to reach out. I know she will try and move heaven and earth for me. If you know her, you know her work ethic and drive would allow her to actually pull anything off. She never stops! I believe she is fueled by the lives she touches in the most powerful ways.

As a Minister, Ceola always shares the Glory of God. She works tirelessly to ensure anyone that comes in her path knows who God has been in her life and reminds all of us who he can and already is for us all as well. Her talents allow her to cross many business and artistic genres, from writing books, to public speaking, hosting conferences, mentoring programs, "life coaching", radio show hots, playwright and nonprofits. After three decades, Ceola's commitment and passion has inspired me to take my own path in giving back and never giving up along the way, even when the road gets rough.

Sina Tate

Ceola is a true woman of God who has unwavering faith. She has helped me on my journey to self-discovery and in understanding and believing in who I am in God. She has encouraged me to believe and fight in my darkest moments when I thought all hope was lost.


She was always available and willing to help when I needed her. I remember our late nights conversations that would start off with tears then ended with laughter. She pulled me out and held me up when I wanted to give up.


She helped me to see the light when all I could see was darkness.  I believe God put people in our life for purpose and I truly believe that Ceola is in my life for a reason! I so love her, and she simply is the BEST! Sina Tate


Testimony Coming

Keondralan Bennett

(Chef Kiki)

When I first met Ceola, she welcomed me and my daughter into her home and life with open arms. Ceola has helped me to grow so much as a young woman; from teaching me the foundations of starting my own business, to helping me understand the power of prayer.


Ceola loved me and my daughter like we were her blood sister and niece; from watching my daughter while I was looking for work, to being available at any time of the day or night to talk, cry or vent with me. Ceola helped me through a lot of depression and confusing times in my life and her words of knowledge and encouragement helped me get through everyday situations. I am truly thankful and blessed to have even encountered such a beautiful soul.

N. Holmes

I've known Cee (Coach Ceola) for quite some time now and she's ALWAYS been wise counsel. Early in our friendship, when I was getting to know her, I'd watch her take calls, send emails or texts to encourage, give advice or just listen to those who needed an ear.

There was a season in my life when I was going through some challenges in my family and marriage and she was the support I needed to get through HEALTHY. Her insight compliments her beautiful giving heart; she's "graced" to help a hurting soul. Don't get it wrong, she holds back nothing: she gives you the truth, even if it hurts. BUT she does it as a skillful surgeon, cutting to heal NOT to kill. I am so grateful for her!

M. Foster

I met Ceola J. five  years ago at a Christmas party as a launching for her business. She has a lively and warm personality and welcomed everyone in her home. We instantly became good friends and I started calling her during rough parts in my marriage and now as a divorcee and single parent I still find myself calling her.


She uses wisdom and causes you to focus on what is true and can easily direct and coach you into the right direction. She is loving and firm in her words and passionate about watching those she loves push into their purpose and destiny. She will push you into the arena you belong in and cheer from  the background. She was made for this. This is her purpose, to encourage and walk with us to achieve ours.