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Address: PO Box 2420 Brentwood, CA  94513

Telephone: 1.800.379.1189

Email: info@ceolaj.com

With promoting unity among women and building relational bonds as the fuel to her passion, Ceola is working to destroy division among women. She is on a mandate to bring oneness to God's precious and beautiful daughters.


"We are stronger unified"-

Ceola J. "The Encourager"

Ceola is seen as a powerful speaker who pulls no punches in speeches. She is open, very transparent and refreshingly raw! Many have called her style of speaking "long over-due."

"Ceola is funny and straight to the point. She does not bite her tongue and when she speaks she makes you think. You leave an event she has spoken at with a sense of being empowered. It's something about her, when she speaks, people listen. I heard people say that, but to experience it for yourself is definitely different."


Break Out Tour Attendee - Anonymous

I heard Ceola speak at an event in Oakland, CA where she was the Keynote Speaker. I don't mean to sound funny, but she is kind of short and petite and at first glance she appears kind of timid. She's quiet and seems very reserved. When the MC

introduced her, she came up and said something funny, which was shocking and made you sit up and take notice, like okay what else she got. Well, she came with an unsuspecting punch. I can tell you at first, it appeared no one knew what to expect. While she is delightful and pleasant, she is a very powerful speaker and she calls it like it is. She asked us what we came to the event for... did we want change or did we come to do the same thing we did last year? When you hear Ceola speak, you feel challenged, like you've just gone through a  process of being rebooted or refreshed! She definetely is an encourager and you will certainly experience a change after hearing her speak. If you've never heard her speak, I would make sure to catch one of her upcoming events. She is unsuspectingly powerful.