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CJ Productions, LLC

CJ Productions, LLC is a faith-based company dedicated to producing projects that create, inspire and empower through performing arts. The birth of CJ Productions, LLC happened in the latter part of 2016 when Ceola J, Abram took 8-pages from a yellow 8.5x11 notepad she had written some 8-years earlier, to produce what would become her first stage play “From Female to Woman to Lady.” The story was based in part from her childhood experience and her relationship with her beloved grandmother, known to many as "Big Mama."


Female to Woman to Lady debuted at the Empress Theatre in Vallejo, California on Saturday, May 13, 2017 to a packed-out house and was hugely successful. CJ Productions, LLC continues today with a new stage  play, "If These Walls Could Talk" The Stage Play, which will be a trilogy and Ceola's first motion film titled “I Know”, taken from her first book, “I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming.” Ceola and CJ Productions, LLC have a few more creative irons in the fire, including two more stage plays, another movie.

In addition, Ceola J. and CJ Productions, LLC will begin taking her new short skits to prisons for women and men, and to the juvenile hall systems for children to encourage those incarcerated. While, these new skits are roughly 30-minutes long and written to offer encouragement, empowerment and entertainment, the main focus is to inspire and offer motivation and hope through the art of creativity. Stay tuned for more information and where Ceola will visit first.


Ceola J. Abram is a creative writer who draws her readers and listeners into her stories by her unique way of expression. Over the years she has captured the ears and hearts of audiences from different platforms via her poetic writings, cd series, books and other published works and her nationwide speaking engagements.

To learn more about Ceola J. Abram visit the "More on Ceola" and view related links.

If These Walls Could Talk #1

The State Play

All human beings desire to be loved and accepted. It doesn't matter if we're a woman, a man, a girl or a boy. Our life experiences are the same. The only difference is the details that are specific to us as individuals and our life’s journey. We all experience pain, joy, tears and laughter. We all have fears, goals, desires and aspirations.

But what drives us? What motivates us? What inspires us? What is the object of our hope? The answer is love. Love is the driving force behind our existence. We were all created in love, by love and for love. While the paths to experiencing this love may be different, the ultimate destination for us all is LOVE!  If your walls could talk what story would be told about your journey to love? What depths of pain and fullness of joy would be revealed?


Mother Mabel Blackstone is a bible class teacher at “Truth Not Tradition Fellowship Church.” She has taken five women under her wings who she believes could benefit from some additional love. She’s invited the women to her home for what was intended to be a quiet and reserved weekly prayer meeting. This weekly gathering has become more than what Mother Mabel bargained for. Come meet Mother Mabel Blackstone and her beloved Sheila, Tiffany, Christine, Brandon, LaTanya, Stanley, Deacon Kingsley, KeKe, Rev. Boone, Calvin the courier, and Thelma Jenkins, all who paint her walls with their life's experiences, which are not very different from your own. Oh yeah, the walls at 212 Vernon Place are about to talk! This journey from revelation to restoration will have you sitting on the edge of your theater seat!

Get ready to be blessed with anointed, gifted and phenomenal performances by wonderful actors,actresses, singers and musicians, and new and original music! It's going to be epic!

Ceola is current;y writing two more stage plays, "If These Walls Could Talk" #2 & #3 and she is writing the stage play for an upcoming biography production, debuting in the summer of 2019.


The Walls Production is coming to Fresno in October, Fresno in October as wells, and Los Angeles, in November. More details on the venues and when and where you can secure your seat will be release soon!

From Female to Woman to Lady The Stage Play

Female to Woman to Lady is a compelling story that tells of the devastation deep-rooted pain, bitterness and an unwillingness to forgive can have in and on the family structure. Including, the imposing danger of a generational decline. When anger festers, trust is broken, all hope is lost and mental illness is looming, can faith, the power of love and fervent prayers prevail? Can beauty truly be found in ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness?


​You will laugh. You will cry. You will get angry, but in the end, you will want to surrender all pain, all bitterness, be it deeply rooted, or on the surface and you will forgive all wrongs done to you to be happy and free.

From Female to Woman to Lady is a powerful stage play that will cause one to reflect and revisit family experiences and examine the results. The story begs the question of what happened to God's daughters? Born a female, raised to be a woman and taught how to be a lady. What was, and is God's desire for His precious daughters? Whose lady have we become? Are we not God's?

Female to Woman to Lady will revive the value we as God's daughters have, our relevance and our essential influence in the family structure. It will also cast a much-needed light on the overlooked and shunned disease of mental illness as it relates to stress related depression and its devastating effect. And, it will remind of us all of what family was meant to be, should be and once again can be!


From Female to Woman to Lady is a story of a hope that is not deferred when hope is placed in the one who is hope alone, Jesus Christ!