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Who I Am

My name is Ceola J. and I am an over comer! I've over come many things; including rape, domestic violence, barrenness, divorce, infidelity, material loss and the loss of my mother when I was sixteen-years old. I am a firm believer that all women were created by the powerful and loving hands of God. I believe we were created fearfully and wonderfully so. I further believe we were all created with a purpose, and a divine destiny to live our lives full of joy, despite the varying obstacles. I believe we were meant to live lives of fulfillment that would have an impact in the lives of others in a positive and life changing way.

My Purpose

To eradicate division among women and to build trust through transparency. To bring unity among the precious and beautiful daughters of God. I know this is a tall order, but I believe, and history has proven that it takes one person whose willing, obedient to God through His Holy Spirit and relentless when faced with challenges to bring about change.

The Vision

The vision I carry is to bring forth unity among women through encouragement, education and empowerment and to help us to live as God created us to live. While most women have great relationships and friendships, many of our relationships suffer as a result of trust issues. I believe trusting relationships can be rebuilt. I further believe transparency is essential in rebuilding broken relationships and in establishing new relationships. I believe in being transparent and sharing my own fears, failures, guilt, shame and embarrassing experiences that include some very poor life decisions will create an atmosphere where other women can see  all things ARE possible through Christ Jesus, and that He does make all things NEW. Through my own story of overcoming, rebuilding and establishing new trusting relationships with women all over, God has shown me it is possible to have trusting relationships that thrive and to believe we can have great relationships that reach their full potential and that we can have them without apprehension and fear.


We are strong, powerful and very influential beings and we have so much God given wisdom, knowledge, love and more to offer to every person God allows our paths to cross. I'm here to encourage all women to no longer allow broken trust experiences to rob them from developing valuable, powerful, healthy and God ordained relationships. Through our relationships, God provides opportunities to encourage and lift each other up through sisterly bonds that transcend time. My desire and purpose as a child of God, minister, prophetess, author and speaker is to share my story of devastating falls, deep rooted pains and my wonderful triumphs through my own testimony of hope in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In doing so, I believe God will ignite faith and motivate the pursuit of purpose in His beautiful daughters! I believe as women we are a powerful source of encouragement to one another. I have prayed and I trust as we each embrace our authentic self, we will experience an amazing power in unity and celebrate each other as we live our best lives now!