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Ceola J. is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to seek and reach their God-given purpose and to live their best lives now! Having seen the struggle first hand in her young mother, and the devastation of her death at the age of 33, Ceola knew from a child what she wanted to do. Ceola found her purpose in helping, encouraging and motivating women; utilizing the victory she found through overcoming her own painful life experiences. Ceola continues to encourage and support women from all over the nation and from all walks of life.


When Ceola was 8-years she had a spiritual encounter that changed her life, and set the course for her life’s purpose. Ceola would not understand this spiritual encounter until many years later. After years of having revealing dreams and visions that manifested, Ceola sought the advice of those in clergy to help her understand these experiences. It would be in 2011 when Ceola was informed of the Apostolic call on her life by the Bishop of the church she attended, followed in 2014 when the Prophetic Anointing was confirmed on her life by a God-ordained Prophetess and in 2015 when she was licensed as a Minister by her current Pastor.


For over twenty-years she has served as an intercessory prayer partner. She has assisted in ministry in several capacities, including outreach, music, women’s ministry, food ministry, church administration and business operations. Ceola has come to an understanding and an acceptance of the call of God on her life.