Ceola knows what it is to be victorious and to overcome! She has overcome rape, domestic violence, barrenness, divorce, infidelity, material loss, and more herself. Being with her mother during times of devastation and struggle and then losing her mother when she was only thirty-three years old and Ceola, just sixteen years old was difficult for the teen. Ceola knew from a child what she wanted to do. She found her purpose in encouraging, educating, and empowering women, utilizing the victory she found in her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through whom, she overcame her own painful life experiences.

Having lived in the dark shadows of guilt, shame, and embarrassment that birthed feelings of inadequacy, Ceola is passionate about eradicating low self-esteem and self-worth among women and helping them build healthy self-images. "I believe we can have healthier self-images, living our life's purpose, and encouraging one another. As I continue sharing my past fears, failures, guilt, shame, and embarrassing experiences, and my VICTORY, I will encourage a multitude of other women that all things ARE possible through Christ Jesus and that He does make all things NEW."

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