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Ceola J.

Certified Life Coach Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

About Me

As a certified Life Coach Practitioner, my primary focus is helping you to bring the dreams God placed in your heart to fruition. I recall the day sitting at my kitchen table over 11-years ago when I had an epiphany that forever changed my life. Since that day, I have been on fire and determined to live my life "intentionally, on purpose" the way God intended me to.

I want each client I have the opportunity to coach, to wake-up each morning with a sense of purpose and the joy of living their lives intentionally and on purpose; fully engaged and enjoying every moment! I want their professional desires to be meaningful to them and positively impactful to others. When what you do on a daily basis comes from a place that is perfectly aligned with your life's purpose, there is nothing more fulfilling. The beginning to achieving intentional and purposed living begins with YOU BELIEVING YOU WERE CREATED WITH A PURPOSED LIFE AND THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!

'While life has its challenges, I believe it is our perspective and our response to those challenges that determine our growth, accomplishments and our life successes. I am assured I can help you  bring your dreams to fruition, living a life of intention and purpose! It would be my great honor to support your life success!


I coach...

 Men and women, with an emphasis on support for women:

  • Women facing divorce, separation, sexual assault, barrenness, relational issues, etc.

  • Women at a standstill, unsatisfied and unfulfilled

  • Women who are existing and not living

  • Women who "like me" at one point found themselves asking the question "what is life all about? There has to be more?"

  • Women desiring to find their life's purpose

I help with...

Identifying your life purpose

  • De-cluttering and re-focusing your mind

  • Understanding yesterday and today

    • Releasing past hurts

    • Forgiving ones self and others

    • Developing healthy relationships

  • Future planning

    • Time management

    • Financial planning

    • Health & over-all well-being


45 min      $90

Here are seven ways I can help you in the area of self-improvement:

  • Spiritual/Personal Development

  • Health & Wellness

  • Financial Planning

  • Educational

  • Professional/Career

  • Serving/Gratitude

  • Recreational and Fun Time (Essential)