If These Walls Could Talk #2 - The Stage Play

If These Walls Could
Talk #2

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Well, the Walls Family is back at it again, and many things have taken place since the last gathering. Y'all remember, right? Mother Mabel called a gathering, and according to Brandon, the last time his aunt Mabel called a gathering, they prayed the house down for three whole days, and though they prayed the house down last year, thank God it was not a three-day shut-in!

An answer came to Mother Mabel's prayers, and the entire family has seen some changes since the last gathering. However, like most families, we're never really free from drama altogether, and prayer will ALWAYS be in order! You guessed it; Mother Mabel is still holding prayer meetings at her home with her girls, Sheila, Tiffany, Ke-Ke, Christine, LaTanya, and nephew Brandon, who still lives with his aunt Mabel. Deacon Kingsley, Stanley, Rev. Boone, and Calvin are still hanging tight with Mother Mabel, too.

What is the Walls Family is up to this year? We promise you, the walls at 212 Vernon Place are still talking, and they have a LOT to say! The journey from revelation to restoration is still in progress and will have you sitting on the edge of your theater seat! You will sing, shout, praise, and laugh hysterically!