If These Walls Could Talk #1

It doesn't matter if we're a woman, a man, a girl, or a boy, we all desire to be loved. Our life experiences are the same. The only difference is the details that are specific to us as individuals and our life's journey. We all experience pain, joy, tears, and laughter. We all have fears, goals, desires, and aspirations.

But what drives, motivates, and inspires us? What is the object of our hope? The answer is love. Love is the driving force behind our existence. We were all created in love, by love, and for love. While the paths to experiencing this love may be different, the ultimate destination for us all is LOVE! If your walls could talk, what story would be told about your journey to love? What depths of pain and fullness of joy would they reveal?
Mother Mabel Blackstone is a bible class teacher at "Truth Not Tradition Fellowship Church." She has taken five women under her wings who she believes could benefit from some additional love. She's invited the women to her home for a quiet and reserved weekly prayer meeting; at least that was the plan. This weekly gathering has become more than what Mother Mabel thought. Come meet Mother Mabel Blackstone and her beloved Sheila, Tiffany, Christine, Brandon, LaTanya, Stanley, Deacon Kingsley, KeKe, Rev. Boone, Calvin the courier, and Thelma Jenkins, all who paint her walls with their life's experiences, which are not very different from your own. Oh yeah, the walls at 212 Vernon Place are about to talk! This journey from revelation to restoration will have you sitting on the edge of your theater seat!

Get ready to be blessed with anointed, gifted and phenomenal performances by wonderful actors,actresses, singers and musicians, and new and original music! It's going to be epic!

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