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A Global Movement of Prayer!

The I PRAY 2 MOVEMENT was created to strengthen the unification of our communities and build a greater resolve; bridging the gap between our community residents, business owners, school administrators, police officers, politicians, etc. through the global power of prayer, backed by the power of action!


Born from an act in the stage play, "If These Walls Could Talk" to reminds us that "men pray too." This movement has stretched far beyond the stage play and is having global impact! Share your story and encourage others to join the movement!

Will Downing - Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Will Downing is an American singer and songwriter, Grammy Award Nominee, Billboard top music artist, winner of the International Association of African-American Music Diamond Award and published author, with a plethora of best selling albums. Mr. Downing is a spokesperson for the American Stroke Association and a celebrity Ambassador for the American Heart Association.

Libby Schaff - Mayor of Oakland, California

Mayor "Libby" Schaaf is the mayor of Oakland, California, an American politician, a member of the Democratic Party and a former member of the Oakland City Council.