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I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming

Transparency is not easily embraced by many women, and understandably so. Due to issues with trust, most women have valid concerns surrounding being transparent. There is a fear of being judged and condemned by those who will use their transparency as weapons against them. Sadly, like most ideologies that would be most valuable and powerful to women as a whole; we allow division derived from broken trust to continue to prohibit us from developing strong and healthy friendships, encouragement opportunities and sisterly relationships.”

It was when Ceola began openly speaking with friends, coworkers, church family and other women that she really understood the impact being transparent was having on the women she spoke with. It was during this time when the true significance of the book really registered with her and the hope she discovered it would offer to other women like her. In “I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming", Ceola openly shares intimate details about the things she has personally overcome. Raw, uncut and thought provoking, she offers hope, inspiration and motivation through being transparent about her own fears, failures, shame, guilt, embarrassment and her victory in overcoming through Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior!