Finding Her Voice

Findng Her Voice

About Finding Her Voice

In Finding Her Voice, we meet 15-year-old Joy Jones, the only daughter of Janelle and Jordan Jones. We will also meet grandma, Gigi, AKA Mama Joyce, and Joy’s only uncle, “uncle” Jay. Joy is loving, bubbly, and brings true joy to anyone around her. She is the apple of her parent’s eye, and she loves to sing and hang out with her best friend, Kel (Kelley).

The Jones family is a middle-class family whose foundation is built on the truth of God’s word and their faith and trust in God. But Joy has discovered something about her mother, Janelle, that has left her searching for the truth. Will her discovery and search for the truth strengthen her family’s faith, or not, and what does it have to do with Joy, finding her voice, and her helping her mother to find her voice, too?

Come and experience a powerful story of faith, music, and family! Who knows, you too may find your voice!

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