Finding Her Voice for Christmas
The Movie

Her Voice

The Movie

Christmas 2023

When writing the script for Finding Her Voice the stage play, I always felt the story was one for Christmas, and that feeling never left. My heart's desire is to write, produce, and direct faith-based, real-life relatable, and family-friendly productions that encourage, inspire, and strengthen the family dynamic and people's faith.


My husband, Dre, who produces all of our music for the productions, always says if his songs can change one person's life for the better, it was a success, a creative sentiment we both share. Everything we create, from scripts for stage plays, and screenplays, to music, our desire is for viewers and listeners to relate to and find hope and positive takeaways they can apply to their lives and the power of healing through song. 


                                                                            -Ceola J.

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Finding Her Voice for Christmas is a Christmas film where we meet 17-year-old Joy Jones, her parents Jordan and Janelle, her grandmother Gigi, and her Uncle Jay. Joy is the apple of her family’s eye and brings joy to all those around her. The Jones family is a family of faith, and the truth of God’s word is their family’s foundation. Having discovered something about her mother’s past, Joy decides to make a decision she hopes will bring her family and those connected to her family a Christmas miracle! Will her decision strengthen her family’s faith during the Christmas holiday or ruin it and her family?