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 The goal of this book is to share with you how after years of being hindered I am now living my life’s purpose.  The more I travel speaking to women from various backgrounds; those I know and many of whom I do not know, I am shocked to learn how many of us have been hindered from fulfilling our life’s purpose. This revelation has left me asking the question, w­­­­­­­hy have we come to a peaceful resolve in settling for less than what God predestined for us. (2 Timothy 1:9 KJV) “Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” ­­

 Bursting with a plethora of God-birthed dreams, ambition on steroids, and an unrelenting hope, I was still hindered, restricted, and stuck! What hindered me from pursuing the dreams in my heart? What restricted me from reaching my full potential? What held me captive and had me stuck for years? Let’s explore together what my captives were. Some of them were fear of people’s opinions and of being rejected. My own feeling of unworthiness and of being inadequate. It was my own lack of faith, self-worth, and self-esteem. It was the fact that I let my past define me and subsequently determine my future. It was generational curses I wasn’t even aware existed. It was boyfriends, husbands, and friends. It was misguided loyalties and unwise and unhealthy alliances, all of which had me captive. I was restricted with no idea of how to break free! Is any of this resonating with you? If so, are you ready to break free and be liberated to live your life and reach your full potential?

 Being set free and liberated was not an easy journey. It was not a blissful journey. It was not a journey that offered understanding or clear instruction while traveling this path of discovery. Neither was it a short journey. In fact, it was an incredibly long and hard journey. An isolated journey. A journey that encompassed much loss in every area of my life. A journey that resulted in relationships ending. A journey that at one point made me question my own state of mind. Ultimately, it was an expensive journey that cost me greatly! BUT, today I am walking in and living my life's purpose and so can you! Let me share with you how in my new book, "Ceola J. Abram-The Encourager, Taking You From There to Here."

Ceola J. Abram - The Encourager

Taking You From There to Here