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I Know is a film based on the story of author, playwright, motivational speaker and “Encourager” Ceola J. who suffered a tumultuous childhood and a subsequently challenging adult life. This film is similar in part to three Christian based films that include War Room, Courageous and Walk by Faith. The characters in each of these films were faced with various challenging situations that required unquenchable faith and trust, and an unrelenting hope!    


I Know is a heart-felt story tracing the life of Ceola J. from childhood through adulthood. As a child, Ceola lived in the largest county in Southern California and had a circle of close friends, but very few knew what she was experiencing when she returned home, wherever home was at that time.  The dark secrets she was keeping as a child and the degree of responsibility she bared at such a young age was unimaginable, to say the least.  The result, fear of being exposed by those who thought they knew the fair-skinned, long-haired, skinny, Indian and African-American mixed breed little girl.  A fear that taught her early on how to hide the truth. A fear that made her believe recreating herself would heal her.


I know traces the painful life-experiences wherein, Ceola learned life is not the fairytale stories she heard about growing up, nor is life fare. This journey through Ceola’s life, challenges us to reach for an understanding of our life’s purpose, encourages us to follow the plan, empowers us to endure the process and enlightens us on how to refute the plot! Ceola’s life lessons taught her early on that she had to have faith in God, a trust beyond fear and to believe in the impossible… Therein, she discovered the victory found in and through her Savior Jesus Christ! Ceola discovered when you apply your faith, to a vision bigger than your own and you dare to dream without limits, you are ready to walk in and fulfill your life’s purpose!


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