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Ceola J. - Author

Writing my first book “I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming” was a real challenge for me. I faced the fear of what people would think of me. I feared whether or not the book would be a success or a failure. I suffered with the anxiety of being vulnerable when I considered the possibility of how many people would read the book and come to know some of my life's story.


But, having finished the book, I see just how truly amazing God has been. He used this book to reveal to me how He has delivered and healed me from all of my past hurts and brought me out of the bondage of fear. I am totally liberated! In obeying God and writing this book, so many wonderful things have come forth; my freedom being one of the first amazing things!


God also used this book to open doors for me to share my story of triumph and victory with so many wonderful women, and men. The story the enemy meant to destroy me, God has used to bring healing and restoration! Through my journey of faith and writing this book, I am able to share the amazing goodness of God, the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit!


In doing so, I have come to a peaceful resolve and trust that this book was written according to the will of God and therefore, I am assured it will reap a beautiful harvest of liberty among many, and it will Glorify God in the process!

THE REPUBLISHED VERSION OF  "I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming" Is Coming Soon!

Look for the updated and revised copy of "I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming" which is being republished through Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN’s) new publishing division, Trilogy Christian Publishing. The newly revised book will be available just in time for the holidays!