212 Vernon Place - The TV Show
A Family-Friendly Favorite


Your New Favorite Family Friendly TV Show

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212 Vernon Place is a new TV show written by screenwriter Ceola J. and is based on three-stage play productions; If These Walls Could Talk Trilogy. The story revolves around Mother Mabel Blackstone, a fiesty Bible school teacher at Truth Not Tradition Fellowship Church, and her family and friends! This group will have you crying, laughing until your belly hurts, and shouting hallelujah all at the same time! Mother Mabel's doorbell and telephone are constantly ringing, and you never know who will stop by! Suffice it to say, the walls at 212 Vernon Place are talking and have a lot to say.
Don't be surprised when you come to 212 Vernon Place. Mother Mabel always has a warm cup of tea and a slice of banana nut bread on the table! Her Bible is within reach, and she is ready with a prayer.